Numerology Cycles

Numerology claims that every person has 9 year cycles in their life. All the major events in your life occur in these 9 year cycles.

Each nine years, we start again and again. These numerology cycles can help us find out more about the most important key points in our life. These key point are, for example, marriage, the birth of a child, and sickness.  We can find out when these cycles will happen in our future.

So, to find out more about our numerology cycles, we can start mapping our lives and see what happens.

For example lets take a look at this guy named Marco, born on 14.5.1947. His birth date 14.5.1947 sum is 31 = 4.

This makes his life lesson number 4. Number 4 is related to his love, relationships, and commitment problems. These issues come from Marcos’s relationship with his father when he was young.

Marco got married when he was 18 years old and got divorced when he was 36 years old. So, those are two 9 year cycles.

He met another woman that same year, and ended the relationship when he was 53.  So these are two more 9 year cycles.

We can learn from this example that each time Marco finishes the end of a 9 year numerology cycle, he has a lot of problems learning his life lesson, which is life lesson 4. Until he figures our what his lesson is in life, he will continually have these issues.

To find our which cycle you are in, use the following calculation method.
Every 9 years we go through changes in our life. Sometimes the cycle is longer, like 18 or 27 years. The issue can be our job, being sick, love, money matters etc.

Each numerology cycle has special characteristics.

To calculate the cycle you are in, simply sum up all the numbers in your date of birth. Add the day, month and the current year.

So, if you were born on the 14th of May, 1960, the sum is 14 + 5 + 2012 = 6.  So, 6 is your numerology cycle in the year 2012.

You can also find out what cycle you were in for events in the past.

Let’s say we want to find out which cycle we were in 20 years ago.

You would add the year number (1992) to your day,
number (14), and month number (5):  1 +4 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 31 = 4.  Our cycle is 4.


Cycle number 4 can be slow and rigid with lots of planning and hard work ahead. People that have life lessons 4, or have many 4’s in their date, usually handle this cycle easier. It Is more natural to them.

For other life lessons, it can be it can be quite a challenging cycle, but necessary as the leadup for the 5 cycle. When men are in a 4 cycle, they
will usually find themselves spending time with their mates, fixing up the house, or doing a lot of manual work. It is not an ideal cycle for love and relationships. It is much better suited to working hard, studying, planning, and laying the foundation for the next cycle.



This cycle relates to new beginnings in your life. This cycle is perfect to start a new relationship or to rekindle your present relationship with your loved one.

In this numerology cycle, you will have an increased sexual power and you will be full of energy. Your chances of experiencing  positive results will be increased. Also, check out your partner’s cycle. If your cycle is similar to his/her’s, you will have an even better chance of success.

This 1 cycle will give you a lot of energy.  Your heart will beat faster, you will look and feel good, and your motivation will be increased.


In this cycle, the focus is more on the depth of the relationship. We should focus on love, nurture, marriage, bonding, having children, etc. Our issues with commitment are resolved following the previous cycle full of adrenaline and energy in cycle 1.

You have to choose your partner wisely. If your partner is in cycle number two, and you are currently in cycle number 5 that focuses on traveling and opportunity, there may be trouble ahead for you and your partner.


The numerology cycle 3 relates to  fun, music, dancing, movies,
entertainment, and spending time with friends. This cycle is intensified if you are a life lesson three, or have lots of three’s in your date of birth. You will love your freedom in this cycle, and may find yourself getting
frustrated if you feel stifled or held back. This is an ideal cycle to express your inner self and how you really feel inside. You should speak your mind, make time to enjoy yourself, and maybe even buy that new car or outfit that will make you feel good.



Cycle number 5 is perfect for love, travel, and excitement. This is an excellent cycle for getting away to a romantic destination, taking long walks on the beach, and for romance and candle lit dinners. It is a lucky cycle, and if you can steal your partner away from their projects at work or home, then you can let the action begin! You will feel sexually charged, spontaneous and daring.


Numerology cycle 6 relates to romance, harmony, and presentation.
You should wear stylish clothes and accessories in this cycle. It is likely that you will catch the attention of the opposite sex, and turn a few heads. You will feel attractive and will want to be where the action is. In
this cycle, you will have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It is a great cycle for love, relationships, and conceiving beautiful children.


Numerology cycle 7 is a very exciting cycle with lots happening and never
a dull moment. This cycle is focused upon “expect the unexpected!” On the other hand, it can be a very volatile and stressful cycle at times, although it is also one where your mind will be sharp and you will be full of energy and creativity. It is an excellent cycle for you and your partner to brainstorm new ideas, as you will reap the rewards in an 8 cycle. You will be feeling adventurous and daring during this cycle, and will want to stimulate your mind.


Numerology cycle 8 is the cycle where you will experience the rise of your libido. The number 8 covers sex, control, money, and death, so make sure you don’t overdo it. If you and your partner are both in an 8 cycle, go to a cabin in the country immediately so that the neighbors can finally get some sleep and have a break from your all-night lovemaking! You will
be popular with ones, fours, fives and eights. Moneymaking, business and gambling will tend to be more favorable during this cycle.


This cycle is full of deep, smooth and mysterious things, so if your
partner wants to do something a little different from usual, it could be that they are in their 9 cycle. These cycles are a little unpredictable at times, and you will be wanting to spend time alone or in quiet contemplation. It is a time where you will be feeling sensitive to your surroundings, so tread lightly. When you are in a 9 cycle, making love by the ocean (water) will certainly be a turn-on.

Life lesson numbers and year cycles

Every nine years, we return to a cycle that is the same as our life lesson number. These are particularly important times, as you are provided with an opportunity to experience growth in relation to your lesson in life.

If you are in the same life cycle as your life path number, it will be a very important year for you. You will be able to deal with that special cycle more efficiently than other people because your life path number has the same number. So, to gain the most out of this cycle, you will need
to review your life path, plan effectively, work hard, and patiently deal with any issues in that cycle. If you do this successfully, you will reap the rewards in the next cycle.

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