Numerology and Sex

It goes without saying, that sex is one of the basic human desires. It also is the key to life- why we all are here. Sex is representative of the continuity of life and the avoidance of extinction. We are all a part of the sexual process and evolution of life. We feel this when we look at our parents; where we came from, and our children, where we are going. We are all a part of that process. Sex also represents life's greatest sensual pleasure.

We use all our senses to experience the passion and emotions involved in sexuality. We know that sex is used as an important advertising tool. We see images on t.v., in magazines, books and the movies to sell us on ideas or products. 

Many times we receive subliminal messages, those directed at our subconscious mind. Those experienced in the field know that "sex sells." We are intrigued and motivated by these images.  Everyone is influenced by sex; even if we have different sexual preferences. One person may express themself to their spouse in one way, but their partner may not feel loved or excited sexually if this doesn't match their sexual expression. One common issue amongst couples is the frequency that one wishes to indulge when another wishes not to. Their sexual expression is very different and may cause difficulty in that relationship.

Drive or desire is best described s the highest level of sexual action and energy exchange. This energy is a means to an end and it can be used for many purposes; even setting goals and solving problems. An example of this is a boxer before a fight. The athlete usually tries to refrain from sexual relations before his fight, because this builds tension and drive. He is better able to direct his sexual energy and expression into physical energy. This technique brings better success to the fighter. This same idea can be found in many sports.

If you can understand the different levels, and if your sexual energy is high or low, you can then use it  to accomplish what you want. These periods of sexual highs and lows are determined from your day of birth.

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