Thank you for visiting my numerology site. Please check out all my information about numerology and the science of lucky numbers. I am one of the few numerology experts out there that is using both systems - Chaldean Numerology and Pythagorean Numerology.

Most numerologists use only Pythagorean numerology which is especially popular in the west. But my experience with Numerology in India - the spiritual center of the world - has resulted in my knowledge and practice of both systems. Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology systems are totally different from one another. Each system uses different numerological vibrations and different numerological calculation methods. Most importantly, from my experiences, I have found both Chaldean And Pythagorean numerology systems to be good.

When making my numerology readings I will be using both numerological systems. Your energies will be in harmony with Chaldean and Pyhagorean vibrations.

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There is the 'Universal Consciousness also known as Chaitanya that is often mentioned in Numerology. This Chaitanya means tremendous Energy which pervades the universe. Chaitanya and Numerology are closely related to one another. Although we cannot see this force we can feel its existence. Using numerology and it's techniques one is able to tune their mind force with this Cosmic Energy, thus absorbing some of this energy and enjoying its existence around us. With proper numerology reading, this can be achieved.

Hidden Cosmic Vibrations

This Cosmic Energy has powerful radiations and within it the universe exists. There also exists additional innumerable energies which have their own radiations and waves (Spandana). The vibration force emitted by every energy has an effect on the radiations of another energy. We cannot see these energies, but we can feel them.

For instance, take the example of radio waves or T.V. waves.  We are not aware of them or of their existence around us. In order to know and experience them, we have to turn on the switch. Similarly every individual emits rays and waves.  We can learn about our own radiations through the study of Numerology. Your birth date is the most important clue to finding out what type of rays are emitted through you.


Planets And Numerology

There are nine planets which have a great influence on the human life.  Each planet has been given a particular numerology number. The moment a person is born, he is governed by a principal and secondary planet and is governed by the numerology numbers allotted to these planets. He thus starts radiating the vibrations of that numerology number or the planet. Psychology, thinking, reasoning, emotions, ambition, likes, dislikes, health, career, etc. are all dominated by the numerology number he represents. If this numerology number is in harmony with the number of any other person, he will experience harmonious relationships with the other person. If on the contrary, his number is in opposition to his friends number, the two can never live in harmony with each other.
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We can experience the above theory of vibrations when we are traveling in a train or a bus. We can travel hundreds of miles on the train but we will never develop a friendship with a co-passenger who is sitting next to us if his numerology number and rays emitted by him do not harmonize with our numerology number and our waves. Other times we may experience the opposite occurance. We may develop a friendship with a passenger who is sitting at a distance from us and we enjoy our journey through discussions, insights and humor with that person.

If we try to analyze the facts, we will find that there was no apparent reason as to why we did not talk to or create companionship with the first type of passenger even though he was sitting next to us and why we developed  companionship  with  another  passenger who  was actually sitting a little away from us. The answer lies in the theory of vibrations.

Vibrations In Our Homes

Vibrations are everywhere, and we will feel them even in the homes we visit. In one home, a particular chair or room may have different vibrations and these vibrations may be in harmony with our vibrations. We may visit a garden and choose a particular place to rest. But after some time we may feel like changing that place for a better one. Why so? Because the place chosen in the beginning had different vibrations which were not harmonious with our own and which made us uneasy. We therefore, chose to shift to a place with vibrations suitable to ours.

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In Numerology we believe that there is a moment for birth and a moment for death.  We have to believe that there is a moment for each and every event in life from birth to death. Ancient scholars believed that each individual has his own name numerology number in the universe. Not only this, but they believed that numbers have personalities, character and even sex. Do the stars or the planets influence Individual life? This is something to think about when studying numerology.


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